Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Nerdy Hobby: Cosplay / Crossplay

I am quite the loser when it comes to most of my hobbies. I got teased for liking anime and manga all the way through middle school and I understand why. I was one of those greasy, obsessed, pimply people who nobody wanted to talk to.
 But, now that I have grown into myself a bit, I started to become more comfortable with what I like and who I am! So I am going to share a bit of what I'm into, specifically : Cosplay.
For those who are not familiar with that term, It is used to describe the act of dressing up as a certain cartoon character. If you want more detail, a Wikipedia search should give you a more through rundown.

So why do I do this?
I simply think it is fun because the cosplay community is surprisingly full of talented, beautiful people who are all open to talk and become friends. I met a lot of my close friends through this hobby and even though we might be scattered all around the world, we still stay in a tight community and plan meetups yearly.
I also like to cross dress as a guy. I know that's weird but hell I think its super fun. I gotta admit, I look pretty damn good as a guy don't you think?
Yes that is me. Aren't I super handsome? Did you fall for me? *shot*
I'm Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist.

I also went to the biggest anime convention last year for the first time, Anime Expo Los Angeles, and I seriously cosplayed seriously for the first time there. I felt super vain because my friend and I were very pretty and we attracted those photographers like bees to honey.
Here are some pics of us from last year:
Panty & Stocking: I'm Stocking the one with the blue hair.
That was the most risque outfit I have ever worn. But we are proper ladies so its ok.

So do you cosplay? If you do, speak up! We could be nerdy together!

Random life update: 
I'm so stressed from school that I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye. Therefore, I can't wear contact lenses for two weeks. NO CAMHO FOR 2 WEEKS? *sigh*
It was so red and scary but now it's a lot better. It's a big relief because I love my eyes ok? But now I'm stuck with my no lenses face and I'm not used to it. I'm a lot less dolly without them.
Look how red it is now. ewwww

I want my contacts back. I look so old without them.

That's all for today guys. I need to go back to studying chemistry. Ahhh I'm such a slacker.


  1. I think you look super pretty without lenses! ;D
    hope your eye gets better tho :S

    1. DHSAJDHSAKDHAS Thank you but I just prefer lenses you know? *tears of pain*
      As of today it is completely healed!

  2. you're pretty and omg!! handsome ***fangirling*** lol. anyway,get well soon :)

    1. *Sparkles and roses* Thank you princess <3

  3. Great cosplay! I have to say you're really good at it. You look beautiful (yes, guys can be beautiful).

    Sorry to hear about your eye though! It sounds painful O_O. I hope you make a quick recovery!

    1. Ahh thank you! I'm pretty much a beginner cosplayer though. DEM PROS ARE TOO PRO.
      Ahaaa don't worry it wasn't painful. My eye is ok now so dwdwdw.

  4. woahh u're a great cosplayer.. I wanna do a cosplay next month but something bad happened about my left leg >.<
    nice blog.. followed u <3

    1. Thank you!! Omg what happened with your leg?

    2. something hot "kissed" my left leg >.<

  5. Woah you're so cute! : D And I hope your eyes recover fast :C We only get one pair of 'em, so we gotta take good care of them! ^__^)/ hoho!

  6. you're so... handsome xD hahaha
    Get well soon btw ^^

  7. This cosplay is so greaaaat ! I envy you :3 and I am soryy to hear about your eye but I hope you gonna be ok soon ~

  8. You're sooo pretty in that last pic! <333

  9. you look really cute! :)
    i used to cosplay members of jrock bands but now i'm kinda feel very old, that's why i quit it haha

  10. omg you look handsome. how can you be pretty and handsome at the same time? *o* haha
    i hope you're eyes are better now. and you're still very pretty without lenses. :)
    followed you!

  11. Wow great cosplay! And you're really pretty too! (:

  12. Hi dear~ ^__^

    I've tagged you in my LIEBSTER AWARD post!
    Be sure to check it out =]

    P/S: You are very pretty! =D


  13. You are so inspiring and really lovely~
    I'm glad that your eyes are fine now (saw it from your reply to another comment).

  14. Wooow you are a gorgeous cosplayer! *-* So cute, handsome and pretty omg ;A;
    Hope your eye will recover fast and I think you are pretty without lenses too :>

    Keep it up!
    Much Love
    (Now your new follower) InspiringThing <3

  15. Hope your eyes are better now, and you look awesome in cosplay!

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  18. Hi!I have nominated you to Liebster Award!
    In my blog you will find the rules and questions that you must answer!

    Chuuu~♥ ^ ^

  19. UGH. You're so pretty D: And I love your copslays!
    And also.. You should update your blog.