Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Nerdy Hobby: Cosplay / Crossplay

I am quite the loser when it comes to most of my hobbies. I got teased for liking anime and manga all the way through middle school and I understand why. I was one of those greasy, obsessed, pimply people who nobody wanted to talk to.
 But, now that I have grown into myself a bit, I started to become more comfortable with what I like and who I am! So I am going to share a bit of what I'm into, specifically : Cosplay.
For those who are not familiar with that term, It is used to describe the act of dressing up as a certain cartoon character. If you want more detail, a Wikipedia search should give you a more through rundown.

So why do I do this?
I simply think it is fun because the cosplay community is surprisingly full of talented, beautiful people who are all open to talk and become friends. I met a lot of my close friends through this hobby and even though we might be scattered all around the world, we still stay in a tight community and plan meetups yearly.
I also like to cross dress as a guy. I know that's weird but hell I think its super fun. I gotta admit, I look pretty damn good as a guy don't you think?
Yes that is me. Aren't I super handsome? Did you fall for me? *shot*
I'm Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist.

I also went to the biggest anime convention last year for the first time, Anime Expo Los Angeles, and I seriously cosplayed seriously for the first time there. I felt super vain because my friend and I were very pretty and we attracted those photographers like bees to honey.
Here are some pics of us from last year:
Panty & Stocking: I'm Stocking the one with the blue hair.
That was the most risque outfit I have ever worn. But we are proper ladies so its ok.

So do you cosplay? If you do, speak up! We could be nerdy together!

Random life update: 
I'm so stressed from school that I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye. Therefore, I can't wear contact lenses for two weeks. NO CAMHO FOR 2 WEEKS? *sigh*
It was so red and scary but now it's a lot better. It's a big relief because I love my eyes ok? But now I'm stuck with my no lenses face and I'm not used to it. I'm a lot less dolly without them.
Look how red it is now. ewwww

I want my contacts back. I look so old without them.

That's all for today guys. I need to go back to studying chemistry. Ahhh I'm such a slacker.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Too Cute for School: School Survival Tips

I know it's very late for talking about school, but I want to talk about ways to beat the blues, the unmotivated lazyness and for me, the senioritis. It's almost the spring semester and usually when that time comes along, I start to lose my focus and my overall performance in school drops. Am I the only one with this dilemma? I think not! So let me give you cute ways to smack that lazy ass back to work.
Oh and im going to introduce Kamonohashikamo. He is the cute platypus that will be my emotes on this blog from now on. I bought him off an app called "Line" on my phone. Isn't he the cutest?
So here we go, CUTE TIP # 1:  Love your damn school supplies and don't settle for anything less than cute!
I used to be the kid who takes whatever mother buys me to school and I would never go out of my way to shop for my supplies. Guess what that means guys? Cheap, fugly, plain pencils, notebooks, everything. When you don't like what you are working with, you don't enjoy what you are doing! A way of explaining this is: Imagine you are painting a picture. You tell yourself you are going to make it beautiful only to look down at your crappy paint and your crappy paintbrush that you hate. Same concept. Go that extra mile and shop for your own supplies. I guarantee you will like the stuff you buy better than what mother buys you every single time.
A part of my collection of cute school supplies that I love to death! (Yes, I love Rilakkuma)

I know cute things cost more. That pencil cost me $15USD lolololol. But, because you value them more you also won't lose them. You will also want to use your supplies year after year because you took care of them. And seriously, who doesn't like cute things? Show off that cute swag like you mean it!

CUTE TIP# 2: Wake up, turn off your alarm and turn up your charm!
Most of us wake up and instead of seeing how beautiful the morning is, we drag our butts to the bathroom like a dead fish and stare in horror at the image in the mirror and how defined your pores are after you wake up.
Instead of seeing all the bad things and continuing to walk around for the morning and first period like a zombie, tell yourself: I'm going to wear something cute and do my makeup super cute and hope that today good things happen. What I do is go to the mirror and have a vain session after I put on my makeup where I make cute poses and tell myself that WOMAN YOU ARE DAMN FINE. Its amazing what a little boost of sunshine and confidence can do when you open your mind to it. Paint your nails on the weekends! Coordinate clothes! Learn new ways of doing your makeup!

Here is my charming, vain session for today:

Those are my two tips to help with the blues!

This is Bibi, signing out!
'Till next time!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So Who is Bibi?

Here is the basic rundown:
I am a 17 year old girl living in beautiful San Diego in the lovely state of California. I go to high school and I am graduating this coming June. I am 3/4 Chinese and 1/4 Japanese and I am semi-fluent in both languages. I also know fluent French because I lived in Canada for the first 10 years of my life where I attended a French immersion school. Because I know so many languages, people always assume that I am a very well educated and intellectual person but in reality, I'm not very bright. I love fashion, makeup, drawing, painting, singing, playing games, watching T.V. and movies, and lastly being vain.

Yes. I am very vain. My phone is 80% camho and 20% other things. I'm not even going to try to de-emphasize how much I camho because its impossible.

So why does a girl like me want to start a blog?
Because I want to know more people who are interested in the same things as I am. I want to meet other girls who like ulzzang and gyaru fashion. I want to meet all you girls who are just as vain as me because the more cool people I meet, the better life gets. I also want to share my knowledge about fashion and makeup with everyone and hopefully learn lots of new things because the world I am in is much larger than just being a teenager in high school. Through sharing my experiences here, I hope that life will feel more fulfilling.
This blog will mainly be a place where I can talk about ulzzang and gyaru fashion and freely post my vain camho pics. I will also occasionally nerd out on you guys cause I have nerdy tendencies. I am also on a weight loss journey so I will be updating on diet tips and I will post my progress regularly.

Feel free to talk to me and comment. I love questions and suggestions and anything you guys say so please, don't be afraid to say something!

I hope for the best!
'Till Later!