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Personal Info:
Q: What is your real name?
A: My full name is Jenny Baoyi Wei but please call me Bibi [bee*bee]. I think it's cuter and suits my personality more than 'Jenny'.

Q: What is your race?
A: I am Chinese. I also have 1/4 Japanese blood but that barely counts.

Q: How old are you?
A: I am currently 17. Jailbait status.

Q: Where are you?
A: I am living in sunny San Diego in the lovely, sexy state of California, in the U.S. but, my hometown is in Canada.

Q: Are you in a relationship?
A: Nope. 5 ever alone.

Q: Do you work? If you do, where?
A: I am a waitress in a sushi store. My boss is my neighbor.

Beauty/ Diet:
Q: Are you ulzzang or gyaru?
A: I am a former gyaru who is transitioning into ulzzang. I just started liking the more natural look.

Q: Have you done any cosmetic procedures? Plastic surgery?
A: The only cosmetic procedures that I have done is getting braces and a minor gum surgery to close my gimongous tooth gap. Ew.

Q: Pro or Against Plastic?
A: I am neither pro or against plastic surgery. If it fulfill's someone's desire to like what they see in the mirror, I'd say go for it.

Q: How much do you weigh?
A: I weigh 118lbs (53kg.) and I'm going down on that number. My former weight was 132lbs. (60kg). My goal weight is 105lbs (47kg).

Q: How tall are you?
A: I am 5ft 4in (162cm).

Q: Do you wear circle lenses?
A: Yes.

Model Citizens:

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